Last month I was having real trouble deciding between MacBook Pro models on the basis of dedicated graphics cards vs. integrated graphics. In the old days I would have always said “dedicated, duh” but on a machine not destined for gaming it’s not an obvious choice.

That said I asked on Reddit and amongst the well-intentioned but fairly useless responses one link stood out. Reddit user no-mad provided me with this link.

Essentially it’s a real world test of Final Cut Pro X with a standardised project on a variety of different hardware setups. The results make the decision easy:brucex-final-cut-pro-x-benchmark2

The dedicated GPU is nearly twice as fast. Sorted.

The thread did also bring to light something else – the battery life can be unaffected. OS X automatically switches between GPUs depending on the software being used at the time. As such if the beefy card isn’t needed it stays turned off, keeping the battery alive for longer.

Right-o, best get the device ordered!

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