I was considering putting together some sort of fancy infographic for this final post but the tools seem to break when I try to use them and gathering the raw data is a bit of a nightmare.

It's been a long year and I estimate that I've written between 70,000 and 75,000 words on this blog.

Unsurprisingly the average word count per month tails off as I find myself with less to say. Not bad though, not bad. Perhaps my writing has improved, perhaps not. I've certainly done a lot more of it though so that's definitely a plus. It also makes me feel like I can keep something like this. Sometimes I need reassuring of my own awesomeness. I'm not as clever as I used to be but I'm certainly not done yet and doing things like this helps me remember who I am.

I don't know when I'll update this blog next though. That shouldn't be taken to mean "That's all, folks!" - it's more that I'll be returning to be irregular updates style of, aha, yesteryear.

Stay crunchy, men.

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