As I start to think about game design more I'm very pleased to say I feel I'm starting to fit it into my mental toolkit.

One of my many game concepts is coming together in my head at the moment in a way I find quite satisfying. The difference between this game and others is the way it's allowing me to learn to think about ticks, something I feel I need to have a good grip on in order to build the more ambitious games I dream of creating.

From what I understand a game tick is one complete cycle of the core program loop. I believe Minecraft runs twenty ticks per second, for example. I'm not sure of the precise timings of mine, especially given that it'll initially be built in Scratch.

The reason I'm so happy about this is simple - I did not do the reading, it just presented itself as a sensible solution to the problem. A few quick searches showed that it was indeed the way lots of games operate. Good good, now for me to figure out my own preferred way to approach the problem. It's probably glaringly self-aggrandising but doing things this way works best for me, I've found. The idea being to learn through creative problem solving in order to allow the new skills to gel nicely with my way of thinking.

Yes, I'm a pretty snowflake.

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