I’m not entirely sure whether it was through emailing the managing director or just the usual procedure but I received a rather apologetic phone call today.

Here’s a little background on what happened.

Annoyingly making a complaint to Apple seems to be intentionally difficult. However it does seem I got through some how.

I do feel a little bad in that it seems from the very vague and generic description I used the chap I spoke to was identified. I didn’t mean to get the individual into trouble, it was more about the overall attitude of the store. It does at least seem it wasn’t undeserved but still, my intention was more towards all staff.

What I did learn is that the staff member was in fact wrong. From the time of the announcement the store was expected to have the new hardware on the floor within 48 hours. So the machines there were the new ones, he should have known that, and could have just said “Yep! Shiny, right?”

This blog post isn’t so much to set the record straight as to underline that one should stick to one’s guns. Hold places to account and make them treat you better (unless they’re run by Bernard Black), within reason.

At least the chap on the phone was helpful, patient, and courteous. I wasn’t expecting false joviality or upselling and thankfully that’s not what I got. I’m already fairly sure of what I want, just don’t talk yourself out of a sale!

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