So apparently I actually can drive a van.

There were some initial problems – like the fact that the handbrake goes down reeeeally far and neglecting to ensure it’s hit the floor activates a constant warning chime as soon as one drives over a certain speed. The speed thing confused me though – why can I drive in first gear with the handbrake on without a warning?

Needless to say that was somewhat stressful in rush-hour traffic in Cambridge. That and the fact that the sign in front of the gates made turning a rather scary affair when one isn’t yet certain of the turning circle of the vehicle.

A few niggles aside though it’s actually really easy. Far easier than the automatic Toyota Hilux I did some of the driving with when I moved down from Scotland.

The amount of control one has with a manual transmission makes life much easier driving in the UK. In other countries where it’s more a matter of distance than precision I suppose automatic prevails. In the UK though I feel like I’m driving with metaphorical mittens on when using an automatic transmission.

Hiring a van was a bit strange. Not in terms of an uncomfortable experience but in how much of an adult thing it is to do. It’s not often that I do things that make me feel grown-up so it’s somewhat of a novelty when one comes up.

Driving a car regularly though? I can barely imagine that kind of life. Then again, why would I want to? I should probably see if I can remember how to cycle though. Ye gods, it’s like Holland in Cambridge. My other half was constantly on cyclist duty – I didn’t want to be one of those van drivers who hits folks on bikes although having driven one I can see why it happens.

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