I’m not entirely sure how to feel about Raising Steam. On the one hand it’s miles better than the rather stodgy Snuff. On the other it seems a bit off in other ways.

Firstly there’s the timescale of the story. It seems like months and years pass in a few page turns at times, something that’s pretty unusual for the relatively compact timeframes usually employed. It some how feels like large swathes of content are being missed out on – a sketchy narrative rather than the usual oil painting.

Then there’s the progression of technology. I love the industrial revolution series featuring the loveable scoundrel Mr. Lipwig, but this one almost pushes things too far. It feels like the Disc has stepped from a fantasy setting to an early modern one. Some how that loses some of the delightfulness of the world.

What I can say at least is that the number of characters that get in on the story is rather fun. The Witches only get a passing mention and Rincewind only appears as a footnote, but they’re not forgotten entirely.

If this was the last book in the series I don’t think it’d be the end of the world. I hope it isn’t, but it’s certainly better and more unifying than its predecessor.

I’m left wondering whether the The Watch TV series is actually happening or not. I think it could be rather fun, assuming it’s put together with care. Care and trolls.

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