I can’t help but feel I’ve written this post before. My apologies if I’m repeating myself.

Occasionally my mental gearbox slips into the right gear to think about game design whilst simultaneously in the creative lane. I’m abandoning this metaphor at this point, I hope you’re okay with that.

During one of the many periods of wasted time when I was in the Netherlands I got to thinking about the designs for one of my games. I have various things in progress, my QR code battler being the furthest along. It’s currently stalled until inspiration strikes me for move sets but this one has been at the concept stage for the longest time.

That evening it finally took a step forward from there into the basic mechanics stage.

The more I read and learn the better equipped I find myself for tearing down games to their core gameplay elements and this is at last paying off. I was able to look at my concept and break it into three stages of play and then look into what each stage would involve. Perhaps this doesn’t sound all that impressive but for me it’s huge. Figuring out how an individual bit works isn’t all that hard but getting a feeling for the overall puzzle it fits into takes me a while.

For my current concept the pieces are starting to fall into place. It’s going to take some time and a lot more in the way of scribbled notebook pages but it’s at last more than an imagined isometric masterpiece.

The thing that helped most in all this was MIT OpenCourseWare’s Game Design course. The recordings aren’t great but the content’s good. Trying to think about my game concept as a board game was surprisingly helpful.

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