My phone is finally starting to give up. I had to open it up and repair it the other day after the home button decided to opt for early retirement.

Fixing that was surprisingly easy, it’s the other issues that are a bit more stubborn.

Firstly, my phone is convinced that headphones are plugged in.

This doesn’t appear to be a hardware problem. Cleaning the jack hasn’t helped. In fact, plugging actual headphones in registers and changes the volume settings as per usual. Apparently my phone thinks it has multiple nested pairs of headphones plugged in. Great.

Perhaps upgrading its firmware is the solution. I’d give it a go but iTunes has long since given up allowing me to backup the device. It gives the following, ever so helpful, error:itunes-failing-to-backup

iTunes could not back up the iPhone “Flamekebab” because an error occurred.


No error code? Nothing?

I don’t particularly want to wipe my phone, thanks. I’ve got data there from my 2007 iPhone! I’m rather attached to it, in fact.

If I can get Santoku to actually boot then perhaps I can scrape that data off without too much trouble but it’s pretty aggravating that I have to resort to third party tools.

I really hope I can back it up as I think it could be rather fun to run iOS 6 on such an old device. It doesn’t have all the new bells and whistles but it would at least mean I could run some modern apps.

iOS 7 on the other hand… Yuck. I still love skeuomorphism. In time my tastes may change but for the moment I’m loathe to leave it behind.

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