Letting agents baffle me.

It’s currently 2013, at least for a little bit longer, and yet this sort of thing is the norm:


Now it’s not quite that bad. The picture is displayed as 710x473 and so (cropped to fit this blog’s layout) is this size:HRT042400292_04-cropped

I don’t know about you but that’s merely okay. Amateurish, really. We could be seeing much bigger images but apparently that’s too much to ask.

In fact, in putting together this post I found that the image is actually 2160x1440! There’s just no way to reach the high res image on their website!

Full size that’d be this big (again, cropped):HRT042400292_04-full-size

It has apparently become so ingrained in the industry as to be standard practice. Reasonable high resolution images are squished down (in HTML no less) to unresizable small things. Daft.

Even worse, the “video” they provide is actually just a slideshow of the same images!

My exasperation stems from the fact that these companies charge both landlords and tenants through the nose whilst providing the most meagre service possible. Is it too much to ask someone to wander through the place with a modern phone and shoot some HD video of the place?

Apparently, at least for now, it is.

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