I currently shoot video with a Panasonic SDT750. It has the option of a 3D lens but honestly I didn’t buy it for 3D. I picked it up because it’s a pretty good 2D camera.

That said, from watching Indy Mogul, it seems that DSLRs are the new de facto standard when it comes to video work.

As nifty as that is, it doesn’t really help me at the moment. On the plus side it also doesn’t hinder me.

I no longer need to worry about putting together a 35mm adapter. These things were all the rage a few years ago – essentially making camera lenses compatible with camcorders. They were expensive or could be built with a lot of frustration and stubbornness.

Instead I can focus on putting a suitable DSLR on my wishlist. I’m in no hurry to get one but it’s nice to know what the next, significant, step will be. As I said yesterday, I’m not interested in having the best gear, I’m interested in the best compromise.

What that means is that an incremental upgrade would be a better shotgun mic. Would it actually be particularly useful? Maybe. Would it help me do anything significantly better? Probably not.

Rode VideoMicI used to run with a RØDE VideoMic and it was really not that much of an improvement over my trusty ATR55. In fact, I prefer my older mic because it works well at concerts. The VideoMic’s audio ended up utterly unusable whereas the levels from the ATR55 was perfect!ATR55

Here’s some video (low res sadly) shot with it, from six years ago:

Yes, it’s imperfect, but the environment should be borne in mind. It was shot in a stone-walled cellar with a small crowd.

Here’s one of the songs from it, Captain Magenta - Star

If I’d had a better microphone it might have turned out marginally better but I reckon the limiting factor was my own skill. These days I would hook up a recorder to the PA feed as well but in those days I didn’t know to do that.

Similarly at the moment any video work I do is hindered more by me than my gear. It does encourage me to try to get better though, knowing that there’s more than an incremental step ahead of me.

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