It didn’t take long to finish the latest Pratchett book, Raising Steam.

This time around I read the newest Discworld book on a Kindle, a first for me. Aside from the fact that seeing the percentage completion created a sense of progression there was the fact that it allowed me to avoid a problem I always have.

I do not like hardback books.

They’re heavy, the covers get scuffed, and they’re awkward to read in the bath. Transporting them is a nightmare and they don’t fit nicely on the shelf.

Of course Discworld books are always released as hardbacks first. I try to restrain myself but nearly every time I end up buying the books as hardcover. Later I sell them and buy a paperback copy but it’s so much damn hassle.

This time around I downloaded an ebook to avoid the problem. When the paperback becomes available I’ll pick that up and add it to my collection. It’s not a perfect solution though – hardbacks sell for a bit more and so I’m not giving the author the full price. Whilst Mr. Pratchett is hardly strapped for cash it does feel a bit rude!

A compromise for me would be paying full price and getting the ebook and paperback as part of that. Sure, the paperback wouldn’t arrive until six months later but it would at least mean all parties getting a fair deal.

I’m not really one for collecting books. I own plenty from growing up but as an adult it’s rare for me to acquire new literature. The Discworld ones are an exception though. They have their own shelves in my childhood home. The only hardbacks I tolerate there are the ones featuring large amounts of artwork.

That reminds me – I need to draw up a list of which books I’m now missing!

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