Today could have gone better.

On Monday I booked a van with Hertz. One way from Cardiff to Cambridge, picking it up on Saturday morning and dropping it off on Monday morning. I paid my £75 deposit and gave it no more thought.

Today at 1400 my phone rang. It was my local Hertz place. Their system had screwed up and they didn’t have a van for me at all. I’d be refunded but nothing more.

Helpful. As I’m sure you can guess, dear reader, trying to find a one-way van on Thursday afternoon for that weekend is not in anyway like emptying a lake with a sieve.

Hertz did offer (via Twitter) to reimburse me the difference if I do get a van so with any luck later I’ll be able to get them to cough up. In the meantime it’s looking like I’ll be catching a train to Cambridge tomorrow, fetching a van, driving to Cardiff, sleeping, packing up the flat, then driving back to Cambridge. Fun.

Oh there’s also parking and finding out if I can actually drive a van!

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