Despite the popularity of the internet I’ve yet to encounter a bank in the UK that doesn’t handle the whole affair terribly. Things have much improved since my first attempts to use such services many years in the past but that only serves to illustrate how truly dreadful they used to be.

For example, I needed to look up six months of bank statements and output them as a PDF. No problem, thought I, having been told it should be easy by in-branch staff.


The service, despite having the records, refuses to output more than three months of data at any one time. Furthermore the print function needs to be used separately for each page of data.

The end result was six PDFs which I then stitched together using PDF Split and Merge.

Firstly – why does their print function behave that way?

Secondly – it’s bloody text data, I’ve already cleared security, and it’s my own damn accounts – why only three months?!

It’s truly infuriating when I’m trying to update my personal accounts and frankly baffles me. Why is this still so damn difficult?

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