Way back in April I talked about titles and self-identification. It was essentially a lengthy post in which I talked about modesty, self-promotion, and my own insecurities surrounding the subject.

2013-05-24 16.44.17Since then I’ve accomplished a few things. I’ve created (and sold) enough things to consider myself a sculptor. Perhaps not a great sculptor, and I do keep trying to spell it with an E rather than an O, but I think it’s now beyond doubt.

Furthermore I’m now less than twenty posts away from completing my blogging challenge. I’ve written a post for each day of 2013 so far. As such I think I can call myself a blogger without feeling like a pretender now.

Then there’s film stuff. There was something wonderful in an episode of Indy Mogul that I’d like to share (at 6 min 30 seconds):

In which case I think I can safely say that I’m a filmmaker, and a podcaster.

That makes me happy. I’ll be happier once I get my mixer back though…

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