Now that the big three have released their new consoles we’re kinda done with truly new hardware for the next five to ten years.

I know this because I’m capable of coherent thought, like the rest of you.

Apparently that’s not the case if BBC comments are anything to go by:



Of course he could be talking about revisions of the consoles, but given that he accepted my eight year comment I get the feeling that it’s more a matter of ignorance and bloody-mindedness.

There’s also the matter of the Steambox but I get the feeling that it’s not really a direct competitor to those and wouldn’t be the sort of thing to arrive as a Christmas present.

What aggravates me most about this is the idiocy behind the comments. Why would a business compete with itself?

The eight year length of the previous generation suggests that the lifetime of the hardware is more than a year. The fact that the launch is big enough to get coverage on the BBC should be enough of a clue to indicate that these are uncommon events.

Apparently that can be disregarded though because of these damn kids and their gadgets.

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