As I mentioned the other day some furniture is required for our new flat.

Rolling up to Ikea with a van full of possessions with an hour before closing was actually not that stressful. Hotdogs and gingerbread milkshake helped, admittedly. Mmmm, healthy.

The main thing we were looking for was a bed and mattress. Very grown up (the amount of time we spent looking at the children’s section notwithstanding).

What surprised me both there and at other places I’ve seen selling these things is the sheer cost for some of them. I can understand spending more on a mattress, certainly, but the bed itself?

Why would anyone spend £800 on a bedframe? What does it achieve that a normal bed doesn’t? Amusingly I would imagine our bedframe will actually hold its value but such bizarre follies aren’t worth that new, let alone second hand.

I think about it in the amount of time one is affected by the piece of a furniture. A suitable mattress makes a lot of difference but the bedframe is only relevant whilst awake. Even then, is it the best part of a thousand pounds relevant?

I’d understand if it was an exquisite four-poster carved from some expensive wood but this was just a fairly ordinary looking metal bed in a shop window. I could see someone paying a quarter of that, sure. It looked sturdy and had good handholds and mounting points, but £800?

On the one hand I feel like an adult when I think about storage needs (ugh, divan beds still exist – why?), cost/benefit, and similar. On the other I feel like I’m some how not part of adult society by the fact that I question the acceptance of such bizarre behaviour.

I’d rather take that remaining money and spend it on a better office chair, some nice lighting, a new set of cookware, a small sofa, and various other things. For that kind of money I could refit most of the dwelling!

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