I’ve probably bought a copy of Linux Format at some point – no, I’m certain I have. It came with a copy of Slackware (that I couldn’t get anywhere with) and had a feature on Ruby On Rails.

It seemed like a solid magazine and I was impressed with its professionalism. It seems until recently they had a podcast called TuxRadar. I’ve never listened to it but apparently it was good.

There’s the backstory to this.

More recently I discovered Linux Lifestyle. From what I’ve surmised it’s basically TuxRadar without Linux Format. I’ve not discovered what exactly happened to cause the departure of the writers/podcasters but I imagine it’ll become clear in time.

It’s no Lugradio but it’s a hell of a lot better than the Ubuntu UK Podcast. There’s none of Tony Whitmore’s mood killing as soon as games are mentioned for a start.

I’m just going to take a moment to have a proper moan about this. I mentioned it back in September but the episodes since have really driven it home. As soon as games get mentioned on UUPC all the cheeriness drains from the recording and it becomes apologetic and awkward. From what I’ve understood Tony really doesn’t like games (but is really keen on Doctor Who). Personally I don’t care about half the stuff discussed but I still enjoy it due to the enthusiasm the hosts bring. As soon as it’s something I care about they’re not willing to make the effort.

The video game industry is bigger than the movie industry, or the music industry. The role it plays in the future of Linux is not non-trivial and it aggravates me no end to hear it treated like it’s just something for lesser geeks. If it hadn’t been for games lots of us would never have put the time into learning about bloody computers.

I’m sure Tony’s a top bloke but his pet peeve is making his role on the show my pet peeve. If you can’t bear to talk about it, step out of the room and let the other hosts run with it.

Right, back to the original subject – Linux Lifestyle!

At the time of writing there’s only a few episodes but they’re good enough that I wish they were twice as long. Give ‘em a listen!

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