When I was in university the internet bacon fad was at its peak. I'm not entirely sure why but my vague preference for bacon over bran became exaggerated to the point where I was apparently seen as a bacon lover.

Bacon is great, obviously, but I can't say I'm all that fussed. I can cook any number of other tasty things but for some reason bacon became associated with me.

Unusually for me I just ran with it. It seemed to be a cool thing to be seen as and helped build the persona that I was cultivating. It was fun to be the cool guy for once. My grades probably suffered somewhat but given my degree choice that didn't seem particularly important. In the end I missed out on a first but still got a pretty good degree. Damned if I know where the paperwork for it is though!

This notion of reinvention of the self is fairly important and something that is often poked fun at in popular culture. There's even a Simpsons episode in which Milhouse moves and becomes popular.

That persona is buried for the moment but elements of it live on. I hope to rekindle parts of it should I ever get a new podcast off the ground. I wonder what will become the totem for it.

The previous one was anchored to the fingerless gloves I used to wear. Putting them on made me feel confident and outgoing in a way that nothing else did. People would tease me about them but it was entirely worth it because of how they made me feel.

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