A 24 hour economy would be interesting to see, I feel.

At the moment many supermarkets are open until 2000 or even later but ultimately at night the city is silent. Why?

Well everyone’s sleeping and so why bother being open?

What’s the point in going into town if one is up? Everything’s closed!

Obviously this wouldn’t be a small change, it’d be a drastic overhaul of a culture. I’m not suggesting it should happen, it’s just a fun idea to think about.

Personally I usually sleep between about 0400 and 1200. I like mornings but get the most done at night. As I set my own routine there’s no particular reason to be up in the morning. What I do know is that even if one works a night shift society feels it’s perfectly reasonable to sneer at anyone who then needs to rest.

The perception of laziness seems to be more connected to adherence to a conventional schedule rather than actual work done. What if that went away?

Existing infrastructure supports a certain number of people concurrently. Increasing that number is incredibly costly and so things stay the same until they need to be replaced. What if the total capacity of the system went up by increasing the amount of time it was in use?

It’s a fun little thought experiment at least.

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