Apparently Bebo is attempting a comeback:

Thankfully the way they’re going about it is savvy and amusing. I say that because like many others I’m sick of companies pretending they operate in a vacuum. They avoid ever mentioning the concept of competitors, let alone their names, even if their rivals are ubiquitous super giants.

I’m not sure whether I’ll like what Bebo becomes but I’m willing to give it a shot. I was extremely hesitant about joining Facebook and still barely use the service.

Perhaps it’s due to how I grew up using the internet. We were all primarily aliases who sometimes had real names, not the other way around. I don’t recall knowing coolsi’s name but I remember the personality attached to the name.

These days social networking is primarily our real names with aliases as an option. How I present myself really depends on the context. It’s not so much about giving a false impression as being free to redefine myself when entering a new community.

Joining with a photograph, name, friends list, interest list, and a vast ocean of attached data doesn’t leave much room for growth. I have content dating back to when I was in my early teens – should that be dragged behind me when making new friends?

It’s not so much about keeping it a secret but as revealing it over time rather than up front. I want to be able to shape the lens through which people see me online just like I can in the real world.

Bearing all that in mind I still find Facebook useful. It’s like a directory of people allowing convenient access to them. It’s just not what I consider sociable.

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