Now that I’m seriously thinking about how to get back into the swing of proper video work I find myself thinking back to the last time I did it.

I get rather bitter and frustrated talking about it though because looking back I could see how much potential we had.

Certainly, it wasn’t a fully fledged show but there was still plenty going on. We did indeed live up to what we promised those who committed to getting involved but sadly most people weren’t willing to commit.

Unfortunately I can only provide a low-res version of the content (although I suspect the files may be hiding on a hard drive in their original glory). Everything was actually originally in 1080p and looked glorious:

It’s a world away from the ghetto charm of Napier Subculture. For the most part I can’t bring myself to watch old NSS content but the ENTV stuff still holds up quite well, particularly for such early work.

Sure, my presenting is rather ropey and the colour grading might be a bit over the top, but I can see what we were trying to do. More importantly I can see that with time we’d learn and improve. The flip side to this is the aggravation suffered when something clearly sucks but there’s no clear route to improvement.

I hope that in time I can pick back up where I left off. I’m tired of being bad at this stuff.

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