It's a little tragic how it doesn't seem to matter where in the world I land, there's always either a McDonalds or a Burger King.

When I was little I was rather enamoured by them; hardly surprising given their concerted efforts to ensnare the youth. Presumably based on the same rationale as religion and tobacco.

As an adult I wouldn't dream of purchasing from them unless given no other option. For the asking price I'd rather have something tasty. Yet every time I walk to the supermarket I walk past a packed BK. It's not just teenagers though, it's adults twice my age. It's people dolled up for dates...

This isn't supposed to be sneering elitism, although I imagine it seems just as bitter. It upsets me to see both adults with childlike pallets and money leaving the local area. I can't imagine the vast swathes of cash they bring in are siphoned back into the city.

The former is a point of contention due to the amount of wonderful experiences being missed out on. I enjoy cooking and try new things as often as I can. The spice of life is literally just that.

The latter is a structural issue. I'd rather see the local economy stimulated in order to generate positive social change.

Both, in the long term create a better environment for myself but given the timescales involved I don't think I could reasonably be accused of having these opinions primarily for my own purposes.

It makes me a little sad that I feel the need to pre-emptively defend my views. Don't be so stingey with the relish!

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