Any 40K player who has played the original Dawn of War games will have noticed the low detail of the 3D models. That is to say that the real models the game is based on are finer detailed than the in-game ones.

This is even true of the more recent DoW games, although the gap is closing. Not really much of an issue most of the time but a fun little detail for those of us who started with plastic.

Personally I don't mind a lack of detail as long as it's hidden from me. I grew up playing games like Little Big Adventure 2:

The zoom level was fixed. A closer inspection wouldn't reveal low resolution textures because it was all pre-rendered. It's not a recent move away from the style but yet I'm still baffled by its decline in popularity.

Surely it's not that much trouble to use the same models but with better lighting, pre-rendered? Yes, it means the camera's position is fixed but is that such a terrible thing?

Even when I can move the camera I generally avoid doing so. It's disorientating and doesn't actually improve my ability to assess the situation. Perhaps there's pride in a fully 3D environment but I've never seen a strategy game that looks better for it. Blurry textures, low poly models, and badly implemented overlay graphics. Yuck.

A third person shooter is much better for a 3D environment, but a top-down one?

Perhaps Wasteland 2 will convince me but I'm rather sceptical from the outset, sadly.

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