I was walking down the street today and noticed something I’ve seen many times before – a shop with a politician’s name on it.

From what I can tell these are offices of sorts for these politicians, used for their surgery hours and little else, most of the time.

I’ve never actually seen one open.

My issue here isn’t with the notion of having somewhere one can talk to a politician, elected or otherwise, it’s simply a question of cost. Surely renting such a venue is a fairly large money sink? Are their supporters okay with that much money being poured away?

I phrase it that way because they seem to be closed most of the time. Any property standing empty or closed is losing money, not gaining it. Of course if it was an open shop (paying staff to be there) when there are no customers then that too would be a drain but that doesn’t really factor in here.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply hold office at a local town hall or similar? It seems an awful lot of trouble for a glorified billboard. Perhaps it’s subsidised in some way but in a time of austerity it seems a rather frivolous use of scarce resources.


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