While I bumble through life trying to figure out where I want to go I feel constantly, yet silently, pressured by both society and my parents to get things sorted.

I put it that way because I’m honestly not sure what is expected of me to satisfy that demand. No real roadmap seems to exist for my generation, from what I can tell. We get married at a range of ages, our careers jump around all over the place, and our incomes seem to remain universally low.

An opportunity, of sorts, has come my way, but I’ve no interest in taking it on. It seems like an exchange of time and stress for a fairly small monetary sum. I’m not quite sure what’s involved but crunching the numbers I cannot imagine that it’d be sensible to take it on unless the salary was about three times what it’s likely to be. I’m not motivated by money, I’m compensated by it. If I’m having to give something I don’t want to give then the pay off had better be enough that when I’m done I can use it as a springboard to better things.

Of course to my parents’ generation this seems like laziness and to some extent it is. How often do they say things like “You don’t know how good you’ve got it” ?

I know how good I’ve got it. It’s a wonderful life of minimal responsibilities, a full belly, and intellectual stimulation. I save up for a new pair of jeans because my old pair needs to be replaced after a decade of use. I’m considering replacing my phone because I’ve used this one until it has worn out.

Why would I want to exchange that for an extra £50 per week? In six months that would only come to £1300 extra. Hardly the deposit on a house!

Part of my unwillingness to jump into that system stems from my observations of the generation between my own and that of my parents. They’re in their 60s and 70s, their children are in their 40s (with some outliers like myself). Mostly they seem to be fairly miserable with how their lives have turned out, in my experience.

I don’t mean a soul-crushing despair, more a general malaise and a feeling that things are “okayish, I guess”. That seems like something worth burning the majority of my waking life on. Sign me up!

Given the option I’d rather be paid less and spend it doing something I mostly enjoy. Being part of a film crew, for example. I’d like to learn and would be willing to work hard, even if the pay isn’t great. Also those sorts of things generally aren’t permanent positions – that’s perfect for me.

The opportunity in question is the kind where I find myself CC’d into an email and my name listed amongst others in a business plan. On the one hand it’s very generous and well meant but on the other hand the level of condescension and presumption is wearing very thin. Given that the role is being given as a veiled form of charity I’m not exactly flattered and it annoys me that I’m being put in a position where declining would cause offence.

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