Today I went to an Apple store. I was not impressed.

I don’t know what a “Genius Bar” is as a concept but in practice it seems to be a bunch of extremely loud, pretentious, pillocks. I’ve heard the term before but today was the first time I saw it. The reality is just as pathetic as the name.

This may seem extremely partisan start to this blog post but it’s more just to get my initial irritation out of the way.

The thing that brought me to the Apple store was their hardware. You may have noticed that I’ve not been releasing many videos and I must say it’s not something I’m proud of. Unfortunately creating video content requires a production process of some sort.

In the old day that was plan –> film –> capture –> edit –> render –> upload

Today it’s plan –> film –> edit –> render –> upload.

Sadly it also takes much, much longer to do. That’d be because I film in 1080p these days – i.e. 5 times the resolution of the old footage.

Skimming through footage is hard, colour grading is hard, tinkering with effects is hard, exporting is a pain, and everything takes forever. Basically the extra processing power required to handle this stuff is expensive and I simply don’t have it.

I can play the latest games, sure, but editing HD video is a godsdamned nightmare when it comes to hardware.

However, when we were working on ENTV Chris never seemed to have any trouble using OSX and Final Cut Pro. He’d achieve the same thing but it’d take seven minutes to render, not an hour.

Many a time I’ve yammered on about how I don’t need much in the way of additional possessions – that has held true for quite a while. As a result I’ve not asked for a Christmas or birthday present in years and have quite a backlog of favours stacked up.

So, in order to edit properly I want a Mac. I want it to be portable and if it could manage the odd game or two that’d be swell too. More importantly though I’d like something that suits my needs and works.

Unfortunately from what I’ve seen the resolution on the low end Macbook Pros is far too low whilst the high end ones go in the opposite direction. Hmph.

The reason I end up being as picky as I am on this front is simple. I don’t like upgrading unless I see a good reason to. I also tend to use my machines a great deal. Many hours every day. As a result I want something that makes me a happy chappy, not something that’ll have to do.

I’m not interested in the Apple brand, I’m interested in a solution. Windows laptops are generally junk (from experience) and do not offer a unified solution. Furthermore the video software for Windows is abysmal. Yuck.

There’s also the problem of overheating. My last laptop died when its graphics card did. It could render Bioshock beautifully but it’d keel over with heat exhaustion before I got more than a few metres from the bathysphere. That’s no good. I need something I can rely on and send back to the manufacturer as defective if it doesn’t behave. A turn-key solution.

Today’s outing did little to assuage my doubts. The hardware was outdated and overpriced. Luckily from what I’ve just seen online there may well be new models by this time next month. Perhaps they can win me over in time for Christmas.

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