When I was still in Christ College I got hold of a copy of Dance eJay 3 and had a play with it. It was 2004 and we didn’t really know what we were doing. I shared it with a friend and we each put together a little tune.

Being the strange packrat that I am, I still have them, somewhat remarkably.

I sometimes listen to them again. They still sound good to me. Imperfect, certainly, but perfectly listenable.

What makes me a bit miserable about it is how ignored eJay is. Of course when it isn’t ignored it’s derided and sneered at. Gods forbid one play with LEGO before building models from scratch.

More recently I’ve been trying to put together some audio things for the Wooden Dice Geekcast and for that I’ve been using eJay HipHop 5 Reloaded. Is it the best tool for the job? Well that depends entirely on the criteria.

In the hands of a skilled musician or sound engineer, I very much doubt it. For me though it means I can quickly hash something out and play with settings to get something I like. I was browsing around Reddit’s stuff on making music and it seemed to boil down to this:

Want to do anything good? Forget it. It’ll take the best part of the decade to even scratch the surface. I can’t believe you don’t know what frequencies are in relation to the multi-layered audio soundscape that makes up a modern track. Go play with FLStudio or something and leave the grownups to make things. Gosh!

Whatever I feel like! Gosh!

Of course they didn’t put it like that, it was veiled behind a facade of helpfulness. When learning biology in school (as a bright eyed eleven year old) I didn’t arrive in the lab to have Dr. Ripley tell me “So, phospholipid bilayers?”

That would have been intimidating at that stage. Instead we started off with more basic stuff and eventually built up to (or drilled down to, depending on perspective) the nitty gritty.

That approach seems to get thrown out of the window when it comes to music from what I can tell. Hmph.

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