Over time I’m getting better at understanding what my mind needs. Our bodies need things, obviously, but I don’t feel the needs of our brains are currently covered in a normal education.

As you’ve probably seen from recent posts, I’ve been feeling frustrated and apathetic. It’s miserable and hard to overcome, but I try. Tea and sleep don’t always do the trick though.

What I found helped was Minecraft.

I don’t mean playing it for endless hours, I mean trying to solve a problem in it. I didn’t succeed in totally solving it but the process of trying different logical systems switched my mental gear and left me feeling much more cheerful.

As a result today I got some sculpting done, created some voice over material for someone, and worked on my blogging backlog. It doesn’t sound like much but coming from a day that was mostly moping and procrastinating it’s a big shift. I even reached out to a friend to see how he was.

I wonder which other bits of my mind I’ll be able to understand over time. I know that sometimes my social meter runs down and needs to be replenished. My old lady provides social contact but one person is not enough to keep me going all the time.

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