Something that has really been getting my goat lately is my inability to write. It’s not that I’ve been in the wrong headspace (the usual issue) but that I can’t think of anything to jot down.

There’s lots of different things I’m working on but none of them feel worthy of an entire blog post. Perhaps I’ll have to upgrade them to a full post to fill the backlog though. Concerning.

Usually I draw on the news or Reddit for inspiration. As far as the news goes there’s progress on a cure for baldness which seems to say what I’ve been thinking for a while. I’ll be bald for a bit and then be able to get my hair back. Soon it’ll be Mohican time, then supervillain o’clock. I reckon I can deal with that if there’s hope for a fix by the time I’m older.

In gaming news it seems like there’s a lot of dry stuff about the new consoles. Their launch lineups seem to be slipping faster than my hairline though. Once again – follow the Fox’s advice, wait until they’ve been out for a bit!

Other than that it’s mostly been people shouting at me for not enjoying things the same way they do. The Binding of Isaac is a great game but I personally need a reference guide when playing it. Apparently that’s the wrong way to play and I should desist post haste. I wonder how they feel about wine…

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