I recently discovered English comedienne Sarah Millican and it gave me hope.

It’s not so much related to her comedy as to her attitude. Don’t misunderstand me – her comedy is utterly brilliant and leaves me in stitches. This post isn’t about that though, it concerns her approach to relationships and sex.

Hearing her perform it’s immediately obvious that she hails from the North of England. Since the time I was seven my parents would spend a few months in the area every summer. They still do, even though I’m no longer able to accompany them.

DSCF1707My experiences with people in that part of the UK are incredibly positive. They’re friendly and welcoming people, at least from what I’ve seen.

What I’ve not really seen them do is have any real way to discuss sex and relationships. Perhaps they’re quite progressive but that hasn’t been my understanding thus far.

Sarah Millican’s frankness about things really makes me happy. If we can start talking about these things a little more then that can only be a good thing. Certainly, it may be awkward, but it does at least put us a step closer to finding out how to make each other happier.

Go look up some of her performances. She’s wonderful.

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