Today someone asked me which multiplayer games I play. I gave it some thought and realised that even all these years later I still barely play any.

In terms of games I’ve put any time into all I could come up with was these four:

Battlefield: Bad Company 22011-04-12_00001

PAYDAY: The Heist2013-04-20_00001

Team Fortress 2


Battlefield 3

(I haven’t got a screenshot of this one because Origin doesn’t have any screenshot functionality)

Of those titles I barely play Battlefield 3 any more and the first two have been retired.

The person asking me was apparently 15 and this made me think back to when I was their age. We had dial-up internet access for the most part and later a paltry 0.5/0.25 Mbit broadband connection (Down/up) with pretty terrible latency.

Despite having lived in cities since 2006 I’ve still never quite got into the concept of multiplayer gaming. I some how feel excluded through lack of understanding. The communities that exist seem so ethereal as to be completely impersonal. I’ve no real way of assessing people’s personalities or forming any relationships with them.

Perhaps there’s something I’m not understanding about multiplayer gaming but by now I would have thought I’d have learned to appreciate it.

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