I was just thinking about lying.

A few minutes ago I was reading about learning to lie convincingly and a little statement came up. "If someone could tell if you're lying they'd just call you a liar."

Personally I work hard to never lie. Many people have been offended by my truthfulness, I'm sure. I'd rather that happen than insult them by being dishonest. Similarly I expect my friends to tell me the truth. Perhaps they don't. That's a shame if it's the case.

The way I see it they lessen themselves by lying to me. I don't need to be able to tell if they're lying. They should tell the truth and if that is a problem then the failing is with them. If at all possible I try to create an environment in which they feel comfortable telling the truth. I would rather have things arranged so they can lie but choose not to do so. I'm answerable to myself and I feel they should have to square their own actions similarly.

That said compulsive liars are cut from the roster. It's not "bending the truth", it's a lie. If that wasn't the way it happened why say otherwise? Falsified anecdotes are pathetic. Either get out there and do the things claimed or learn to be the person who didn't do those things.

Unless you're a replicant. That's a little more difficult to deal with...

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