Some days I find it very easy to write three blog posts. Other times several days will go by with me wrestling with what to write about. I find it a little odd that the amount of stuff that interests me on Reddit and the like comes in bursts like this.

I had considered that it’d be a subjective thing, the content not being the problem, but when I look over /r/Games I sometimes see thought-provoking content.

Other times it can be summed up as follows:

  • Stuff about the PlayStation 4
  • Trailers for games I’m not interested in
  • Something about gaming tournaments

Sure, I don’t always want to write about videogames but they’re often jumping off points for me. I suppose the reason for that is fairly simple – it’s an agile industry.

Given its huge reliance on technology and the fast pace of change we’ve come to expect lots of interesting developments seem to stem from it. There’s also the observation aspect – I couldn’t bee there to watch film become the medium it is today but I can be there for video games. We’re constantly learning about how humans react when given agency in situations, what we didn’t expect to enjoy, and how we assign emotional meaning to things. Oh and if guns don’t sound right the whole experience feels wrong, much like car door design.

But despite all that some days it does seem to mostly be about something boring in League of Legends or someone doing a livestream of themselves playing some godsawful NES game that the entire US has rose-tinted glasses for.

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