I wish I was a more prolific sculptor. I try but there’s a limit on how much I can produce in a single day. Sometimes it’s something like creative block, other times I’m enthused but unable to get the putty to sit right, but ultimately I guess I’m just not that driven.

No matter how hard I work it isn’t likely to translate into vast wealth or fame. That’s okay though, I’m not hugely motivated by those things, but it does mean that I feel comfortable going at my own pace.

It doesn’t help that it takes quite some time for me to get a product to a ready state. On the work bench at the moment there’s, amongst other things:

  • Orc Legs
  • Orc arms
  • Orc big guns
  • A whole figure Orc sculpt
  • A goblin leader
  • A small vehicle
  • A large vehicle
  • A four-legged mount
  • A set of multi-part armoured humans
  • Mutant critters
  • Small weapons

Given that there’s multiple hours of curing for each piece when some work is done on it a large selection is actually a plus. The thing that’s frustrating me is the fact that until they’re done there’s little point in me being active on social media. Promoting my brand isn’t really worth much until I have a suitably large catalogue of things to consider my product line.

Perhaps one day I’ll discover how to motivate myself to give a bit extra but I don’t know how to even go about learning that about myself. I suppose I’ll keep plugging away and practicing so I can at least work a little more quickly.

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