I may have ended up somewhat addicted to something…Cookie Clicker

It’s a game called “Cookie Clicker”. It’s not currently “free to play”, “freemium”, or anything like that, it’s just free.

What I found interesting about it wasn’t that it was addictive but that I could look at it and understand how the underlying game mechanics were programmed. I’m considering trying to recreate it just to see if I understand it correctly.

Plenty of people on Scratch have started things but not really finished them. Given the licensing model one agrees to by publicly sharing projects on the Scratch website it’s totally okay for me to grab someone else’s work and redo it.

You might think that would undermine my objective but actually it’s to do the opposite. Focussing initially on interface and looks is usually a bad idea, one I want to avoid. Plenty of others on Scratch have made that mistake and put together nice looking interfaces without any real core mechanics behind them. I figure that I’m interested in the mechanics and I might as well use a pre-built interface to get on with the job.

I’ve not forgotten about my other Scratch project but I’ve managed to lose my notebook. The code is documented with comments but I found my notes oddly inspiring. I splashed out 40p or so on a new one but it has yet to receive barely legible scribblings.

Want to try my Cookie Clicker save? I’ve no idea why you would but it’s here should the mood take you.

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