I see that Nokia’s phone business is being assimilated by Microsoft. I’ve never seen big companies fight so incompetently for third place.

Like many others I refuse to use Windows on mobile devices due to their reputation. In all my years I’ve never seen any of their OSes be anything more than “okay”. Nokia used to produce good devices too but that was before the smartphone revolution. Perhaps we’re looking at a Yekaterinburg type situation here…

This also has me thinking about Steve Ballmer’s retirement. Will something shift in Microsoft’s strategy to make them more appealing as a company? At the moment I feel they’re about one moustache twirl away from tying a damsel in distress to something.

This isn’t a long post and barely even has much coherency to it. That pretty much sums up my reaction to MS’ strategy of late. I really don’t understand what they’re up to and find myself wondering if even they do.

They’ve been trying to shift towards a respectable position in terms of mobile hardware but all I’ve seen of it is a series of missteps supported by a truly pitiful level of half-arsed commitment. Much like EA with Origin I find it very difficult to get excited in a product that even the manufacturers don’t seem to believe in.

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