Sometimes I see a project that I love the concept of but fear that the creators have approached with a sense of childlike glee rather than stoic pragmatism.

Phonebloks is one of those:

The notion of a modular phone appeals to me a great deal but I fear that such a concept is at best a utopian dream. Short of one of the big companies jumping on board and throwing all their might behind it I simply cannot see it happening.

Overcoming the technological hurdles to make it happen is arguably just a question of time and money. I’d be willing to bet graphene and carbon nanotubes will be involved somewhere along the line. That’s not the issue here.

The status quo is.

Why would big companies sacrifice their big chunks of the market and the vast profits that come with it in order to make something that benefits someone other than themselves. Good PR is valuable but I very much doubt it outweighs the kind of money that exists in the smartphone market.

That said I still support what Phonebloks is attempting to do, I just don’t hold out much hope of it succeeding.

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