Apparently an event at Trumpington village hall was cancelled recently due to fears that it might be a bondage workshop.

Putting aside the odd notion that such a thing is something to be frightened of I instead find myself wondering where one could reasonably hold such a thing. I can understand, for example, that events before a certain time of day might need to be family friendly, but if that sort of problem was dealt with surely such an event would be appropriate for a village hall?

I know that we have this very old fashioned attitude in Britain when it comes to anything beyond what the actress said to the bishop but surely such a workshop at a village hall is appropriate in this day and age. As long as it was clearly (but appropriately) advertised I can’t really see the harm.

That said I’m not trying to be knee-jerky about this. It would appear that the group were somewhat deliberately misleading when they booked the venue and so cancellation does seem a reasonable reaction. It’s the reasoning that I question and the kind of atmosphere that exists that would lead to it such a group feeling the need to be deceptive.

I would hope that by the time I have children these sorts of things are common enough to be an obvious inclusion in sex ed. for teenagers. At this stage I think it’s probably about time for us to get over our fear of actually having fun exploring these things as a society.

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