Following on from yesterday’s post I wanted to share some other ideas I had for a wedding/reception to make it a little more novel.

Trading cards.

Each table would have a binder with a slot for each attendee. Cards would be there for each person based on a suitable formula covering the people on their table and some randomness. That sort of thing might have been hard years ago but these days we have sufficient access to information and tools to be able to create such things without issue.

Each card would have a photo, a few stats (approximate age, height), and some facts on them. The facts would cover things that would enable conversation and leave everyone knowing a bit about all the other guests.

The distribution of cards would mean that each table would need to talk to the others and swap duplicates in order to create a full set. Due to the scale of the event it would only be a matter of maths to ensure that enough cards were in circulation to make the task doable.

Dance contest.

Personally I’m not much of a dancer and as such wouldn’t expect my guests to be good either. This idea isn’t about making light of that fact for the purpose of humour. No, that’s harsh.

Instead I’d want to organise an instructor and several practice sessions in the lead up to the wedding. The instructor would also be there on the night as a guest with duties (as in a guest most of the time except for the slot in the schedule that was on them).

Not only would those sessions help ensure people didn’t feel too lost but it would mean they were a little more bonded rather than feeling lost in a sea of strangers.

Photo contest.

With the advent of Twitter, hashtags, and the ubiquity of smartphones I’d love to have a screen or projector showing a stream of tweets and photos.

Using ImageMagick one could run a server that created photo collages automatically. Every few minutes the thing would refresh adding in the latest pictures taken, for example.

A panel of guests would pick some winners, perhaps with input from the couple (depending on time).

I’m not actually that fond of competition in the traditional cut-throat sense it seems to often mean. This factors into how rewards would work for such things. Prizes could be special trading cards that would complete the set, or “foil” versions of them. Nothing too important but a little unique trinket that wouldn’t create too much ferocity in the contests.

I have some other ideas that are more about ensuring the event is well thought through but they’re not as interesting to write about (lockers, hangers on suit racks with unique colour combinations, QR code scavenger hunts for children). There’s bound to be other things too – these were just a few things I came up with over a cup of tea with the help of my better half. These events should be creative, fun, and memorable. Personally I find awkwardness officiated by a middle-aged DJ to not be my interpretation of that idea.

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