It’s a little surreal; I have a collection of old Linux games lying around from around the turn of the millennia. That doesn’t explain why I find it such a strange experience, it’s just the setup.

These games were mostly published by Loki Software between 1998 and 2001. There’s some great titles in there that I’d love to have time to play again. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Sim City 3000, Unreal Tournament, and other gems from the past.

I had a bash at getting Sim City 3000 running a few months ago without much success and after a few hours of tinkering gave up. Such wonderful games from an ill-fated attempt to make gaming on Linux a viable and enjoyable activity.

Today we Linux gaming looks like it might, just maybe, be the next big thing. Valve are releasing a machine running it, more and more developers are actively supporting it, but the legacy isn’t really there. Games from that time period still mostly run under Windows (I would imagine at least) so it’s a little tragic to find that these old classics seem to be utterly broken. I have the files necessary to play them right here, they’re not lost to the ages, but as Linux marches onwards they’ve slipped into obscurity.


Side note:

One thing I’ve stumbled onto whilst researching this post is this:

Linux Installers for Linux Gamers

Unfortunately it seems like the beta section of downloads is broken at the time of writing.

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