I saw this on Reddit and it got me thinking about what I’d want for my own wedding.

I’ve not been to all that many weddings. My family is small and most of my friends haven’t been the kind to marry early. Personally I’m not sure when I intend to wed – I’m in no hurry. That said I like thinking about innovative things to do at events.

I cannot imagine spending tens of thousands of pounds on a wedding. Some people do it and it boggles my mind. That said I can see my own wedding ending up either dirt cheap or costly without much middle ground. Cheap would cut the guest list down, keep the venue as somewhere I could get for free, etc. etc..

On the other hand expensive would require a venue, catering, live music, etc..

What interests me most is how to turn an expensive affair into one that feels worth how damn dear it is. Lots of weddings I’ve been to have seemed very costly and ultimately left me rather bored.

Photography, for instance – what are the photos for?

I may have seen a photo of my parents’ wedding but I’m not even sure of that. My old lady found a picture of her folks’ one in a box of photos that had lain undisturbed for several decades.

Unless a photographer is free I’d rather spend the money on having a documentary made. Being able to record “director’s commentary” for such a thing sounds like a great way to commemorate the event. Said documentary wouldn’t focus on the couple, it’d focus on the experience for the guests. A few minutes on the couple here and there would be good but I don’t think there’s all that much of interest on that front.

Taking that into account perhaps one should try to create things that would actually make for fun scenes. A dance contest, for example!

I have more ideas than that but I wanted to fit in a post explaining the angle said ideas were coming from.

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