This year I’ve been working on improving my writing output and at times it has been a bit tricky. I can’t say it’s been difficult to write, more that at times writers’ block strikes for days at a time. Difficulties aside I don’t feel my writing has improved significantly but then again without an English teacher to evaluate my work I’m at somewhat of a loss to determine whether there has been any change.

Instead I started thinking about other skills that might be easier to noticeably improve and which would be of use. One of those things is my reading ability. I can of course read without issue but I tend to stumble when reading aloud. Not so great for anyone wanting to do voice over work!


This in turn led me to consider what I could go about reading to deal with this issue. Maybe I should spend some time creating spoken versions of each of my blog entries?

To date there are nearly 500 posts on this blog and whilst I probably wouldn’t go further back than this year’s posts it surely wouldn’t be too insurmountable?

Embedding on the other hand is a little tricky. For now they’ll just have to be files on Google Drive:

Here’s a link.

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