The rise of crowdfunding things has provided something that I find rather satisfying – communication.

If I see a Kickstarter project that I like I’m actually able to contact the people working on it and usually (that is to say on every occasion to date) I receive a prompt, friendly, and personal response.

I asked the developer of Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet about the resolution of the game. I don’t really want a game that’s only 800 x 600. On my monitor that’d look fairly lousy without lots of filtering, ScummVM style. The art style lends itself to vectorisation though and so I sent Alasdair a message asking about it. We had a chat about it and hints were dropped that there would be further details on the matter soon.

More recently there’s this:

It’s kinda nifty and looks like it’d appeal to several people I know.

That said I find the world of it somewhat impenetrable, a fact I’ve done my best to convey to the developers through a conversation on Kickstarter.

We’ll see whether it’ll help of course but I’m still pleased that I’m able to have a natter with them directly rather than feeling like I’m talking to some sort of droid publicist.

Getting someone else to handle your marketing is fine. Ideally they shouldn’t spout canned guff though.

Thankfully I’ve yet to have that experience on Kickstarter. I suppose the low budget nature of many crowdfunding campaigns limits the number of personnel a given project might have working for it. Advertising and the like are usually first to go at times like that so perhaps we’re not likely to see the teams ushered back into their pens any time soon.

Well there’s a plus.

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