A concept I’ve seen appearing more and more on Reddit is that of a “Steam Backlog”. It baffles me.

The point of videogames is (arguably) entertainment. They’re there for enjoyment in some form.

Personally I like browsing through my Steam library and finding new things to play. I’ve bought a lot of bundles for tiny sums that have pushed my collection to nearly three hundred titles. Of those I seem to only have played about 25%. Any time I’m feeling like playing a game but want something new I simply scroll through my library and pick something. I don’t like shopping for games at the time I want to play and feel it’s foolish to do so anyway.

Essentially under those circumstances I’d be betting more money than I’d like to pay that a game will be fun. I’d rather pay less before hand and then see whether there’s any titles I love enough to feel like I got an excellent deal. The Binding of Isaac cost me very little, for example, but I’m having a blast with it. On the other hand some time ago I bought a game called Breach in January 2011 for £7.99. According to Steam I played it for 35 minutes and I don’t recall even giving it that long. It was abominable. I wanted to play and bought it with Matt. We tried it together and unanimously rejected it.

The point being that if I’d dug it out of a pile having paid a quid for it I might have found myself enjoying it a little. Instead I was resentful and felt I was being punished for paying over the odds. I’d rather have a backlog than do things this way.

Saying that, what’s the problem with having unplayed games? It’s not like they spoil (multiplayer games aside)! I can’t have a beer – I have all this whiskey still in the cupboard…

I love having a game collection. Steam just means it doesn’t take up vast amounts of shelf space. If there’s a newer game that takes my fancy I play it first. Why force myself to battle through something else first when the whole purpose of the exercise was to make me happy?!

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