I haven’t done any work on CS50 in quite some time and I’m increasingly feeling I should get back into it.

The reason for this is the number of video game ideas that are starting to bubble up in my head. There’s various small elements I want to try in order to eventually build up to something bigger.

Previously I’ve been conflicted. On the one hand I know starting a big game is probably a bad idea due to my laughable lack of experience and knowledge. On the other hand I wasn’t able to boil down any one mechanic into something that could be standalone to have a learning experience.

With several smaller ideas brewing it’s starting to look like I might be able to put together something fairly rudimentary and have fun with it.

Of course, even small ideas are probably way too big. I’m fairly sure my Imperial date converter is bugged, for example. The notion of doing something bigger is kinda nuts.

I remain conflicted – should I power ahead come-what-may or attempt to be meticulous?

2 responses to "Wide, narrow, wide, narrow"

  1. Just do an app. All the best people are doing it now.


  2. The scope of said app is the problem though, ain't it?


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