I heard back from my MP today. I wrote to her a while back and was wondering if I’d hear from her at any point. The issue I was concerned about is Mr. Cameron’s extensive filtering plans and Claire Perry’s little crusade against what she perceives as the evils of human sexuality.

Thankfully my MP’s response was not only positive but well thought out too. She even raised points I hadn’t considered:

Cyber-bullying is a much bigger issue than kids seeing something a bit NSFW. Kids, especially teenagers, are very good at being viciously cruel towards each other. Lulling parents into some sort of false sense of security because filters prevent them visiting porn sites doesn’t seem a good way to go.

It’s such a refreshing change from the dismissive arrogance I experienced with Alistair Darling as my MP. I might actually write to my MP again in future given how reassuring the response was. I’m glad to have someone on side that is actually useful.

Thank you, Jenny Willott.

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