I was at the cinema earlier with Jenny watching a film we’ve been looking forward to since the first trailer – The Lone Ranger.

It would seem that our reaction of childish glee, laughter, and mirth were not shared by critics or the press. I’m left confused.

The film was light-hearted, ridiculous, hilarious, and self-aware. It managed to fit in a hero on a horse, atop a speeding train, without leaving me asking how that could even occur.

With these kinds of films I find myself wondering if lots of critics go into these kinds of films looking to be miserable…

Yet films like Scarface and No Country For Old Men are praised?

Sure, I don’t want every film to be an outrageous adventure flick but once in a while it’s fine! I love the National Treasure films for that very reason!

Give me a madam with a Planet Terror-esque ivory leg and a beer and I’m happy. There’s plenty of drama to be had and not enough appreciation for joyous escapism.THE-LONE-RANGER-Image-01

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  1. Army Hammer the man was born to be an action hero


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