I tend to dip in and out of projects. Sometimes I’ll power through something quickly, say if there’s a hard deadline. Most of the rest of the time I work on whatever takes my fancy. My projects generally don’t work if forced – be it a banner for someone else or a sculpt for me. I need to be in the right creative gear.

I’m still learning how to deal with this and my current approach is simply to have a vast buffet of things available. This may risk watering down my enthusiasm, admittedly, but perhaps it’s better this way so I can have something to work towards when a given mood takes me. I have yet to master control of that.

Ask me what someone else is hiding from themselves and I can probably give you an answer in a few moments. Ask me to figure out why I just can’t get my head around how that shoulder should look and I’ll look like this guy:

Herp derp

At the moment I’m powering away on a game design project as best I can but I’ve not forgotten about some of my other things. Video work was suspended last week due to lack of hot water (HD and greasy skin just doesn’t seem like a good combo) but what of the steampunk raygun I showed off on the blog a while ago?

It’s sitting on my coffee table undercoated in black. I’m simply not in the mood to paint it right now and so it waits.

I’m considering hunting around for another source of such weapons in Cardiff in order to create a whole range of steampunk armaments. Too few decent weapons are available online. There’s only so many badly done Nerf weapons I can tolerate.

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