I’m still mulling over the game mechanics but as I potter around thinking about the possibilities something occurs to me – how easy to I want this to be, probability-wise?

Ogrebane suggested in a comment that I should take the attack/defence value and multiply it by a random number between 0 and 255 (if I read it correctly). I’m thinking that might make the variables a bit too difficult in terms of their size.

The thing that’s bothering me is that I could probably plot a graph of the values attainable. Of course I suck at working with large amounts of stats and as such have no convenient way of graphing them.

By that I mean what if the mechanics work as follows:

Attack variable * RAND(0.01 to 1.00) = Attack power

Defence variable * RAND(0.01 to 1.00) = Defence value

Defence value – Attack power = amount of damage inflicted

I’d like to be able to plot that on a graph or similar to allow me to quickly see roughly how often a set of two values will work out doing any damage at all. I can easily work out any combination but it quickly becomes a vast data set that I’m not sure how best to depict on an Excel-style graph.

I’m also considering factoring in the luck stat because as can be seen by the table attack power 70 can only inflict damage about 12% of the time and even then barely any damage is caused at all.

Perhaps some sort of base damage should be created? Or perhaps the stats should be derived from the 0 – 255 mechanic to create something a bit more human-friendly, like 0 – 100.

I’m having fun playing around with the concepts anyway and that’s rather the point of the project. Once I have a better idea I may even throw it together in Scratch just to watch it work. Exciting!

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