There was a post on /r/Games recently about staying on current generation games consoles for a while longer that left me scratching my melon.

The new consoles don’t come out until the end of the year anyway and no matter what happens it would be a true miracle if any of the launch titles were all that good. I don’t recall a single games console that launched with titles that were anywhere near as good as those available a year or two later.

Sometimes they were good. Lots of the time they were mediocre.

This notion of the new consoles coming out being the time to buy them boggles my mind. Wait for the retail price to drop. It’ll take a while but by that time several things will have happened:

  • Plenty of releases will be available rather than just the launch ones. Perhaps even some good ones!
  • Hardware issues (RRoD, YLoD, etc.) will have reared their ugly heads.
  • The promised features and actual features will have become obvious. Sometimes not everything is ready to go at launch but by then it’ll be obvious which things were just smoke.
  • A better view of which platform is dominating will be available.
  • Oh and the price will be lower too, just in case we forgot about that.

At this stage we’ve had the same consoles for an absolute age. The games coming out on them look pretty great and the older titles are available cheaply. I’m actually looking to buy an Xbox 360 some time soon for that very reason.

The notion of owning one earlier did come up but for the longest time I lived with a close friend who owns one. These days we’re at opposite ends of the country so that’s a bit tricky!

I wouldn’t advise waiting until the end of a generation but at least wait until it’s clear that the hardware won’t melt itself.

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